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15 Amazing DIY Storage Ideas

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at 2016.02.03
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#1 Use mounted rails to store plastic wrap and tinfoil

#2 DIY food storage shelf

#3 Make use of an old trunk in which you can store out of season clothing. It can also double as a bench in small spaces

#4 Space saving tie rack

#5 Cheap and easy DIY Christmas ornament storage

#6 Easy DIY shoe storage created from clothes hangers and pegs

#7 Check out this wall storage made from old, painted crates

#8 Mason jars are great for creating a little extra storage space

#9 Create a book holder out of a simple wire hanger

#10 Find a little extra storage space under and around your bath

#11 Hang items like scarves on the inside of doors to create a little more room in your closet

#12 An awesome wall storage hanger

#13 Up-cycle old cans and tins to create storage for pens and pencils

#14 Build extra hanging space for your room

#15 Use an old VHS case to create both a picture frame, and a semi-hidden storage space

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