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20 amazing tips and tricks on how to be better at crocheting

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at 2016.06.01
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When I was younger my grandmother used to teach me how to embroider, sew, knit and crochet. According to her, the best housewife had to know how to do all sorts of things. Unfortunately, Im not really the best knitter out there, although I try to crochet something every now and then.

I recently saw a tutorial for a lovely wool flower, which came with an easy pattern and I thought I could make one myself. Unfortunately, I failed, so I browsed the web for some tips and tricks on how to become better at crocheting. I found a total of 20 tips posted on and they were super useful. Im far from mastering the crocheting skill, but theyve indeed helped me become a lot better at it.

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20 tips

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